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Mixed Box

Mixed Box



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Mixed Box

Available as organic or non organic - please specify on the drop down list. Be aware that an organic mixed box does not contain sausages but instead contains one vintage Lye Cross organic cheddar cheese.

This provides a kitchen with the staples to produce a whole range of meals and is a best seller.

You will receive the following:

One whole leg of lamb (This can be cut in half if requested at no extra cost)

One pork Joint 1.5-2kgs

One Beef Joint 1.5-2kgs

One Whole Chicken approx 2kgs

2 Chicken Breasts, 2 Chicken Thighs and 2 Chicken Drumsticks

1 Pack Stewing Beef 250g

1 Pack Beef Mince 250g

2 X Beef Steaks 8oz

1 Pack Sausages 400g

2 X Pork Chops

2 X Lamb Chops

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