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Wild Game

Shot from the local farms, we are very proud of the seasonal game we supply. We only operate on a very small scale and as such, we have time to select the very best. Birds are picked by hand, ensuring a quality of presentation second to none.

Seasonally available.

Prices Fluctuate as the season goes on - please phone for current prices.

We offer:
Pheasant, Partridge, Wood Pigeon, Local Wild Venison, Haunch, Saddles, Fillet, Wild Mallard, Rabbits (Frozen), Hare (Frozen) and Game Pie Mix,

Others are available on request
Seasons are as Follows

Pheasant 1st October to 31st January

Mallard : 1st September to 31st January

Partridge : 1st September to 31st January

Grouse : 12th August to 16th December

Pigeon : All Year Round

Quail : All Year Round

Fowl : All Year Round

Some game may be available all year round from frozen, Please call the farm for details

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