"Food That Doesn't Cost The Earth"

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Cookery School



I have set up this cookery school at Gilcombe Farm to help teach people how to cook the easy way. It is important to make healthy nutritious choices and sometimes this is difficult as we all lead busy life’s and need food that does not cost a fortune to buy! In my cookery school I really want to help teach those who want to learn a variety of recipes which can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Trying to help you develop your skills in the kitchen so you can become a more competent and confident cook. I am a food and nutrition teacher at a local school so understand how to manage a busy classroom environment.

I will be offering a variety of classes suiting adults, children and teenagers. Children’s classes will involve a mixture of going out exploring the countryside as well as hands on cooking.

Children's course involve a mixture of baking (cakes and cookies), cooking simple meals (fish cakes, meatballs and homemade chicken nuggets) and going out and experiencing the beautiful Somerset countryside. 

Student's cookery course, this is ideal for teenages who enjoy cooking or to help prepare students for University. Cooking a variety of low cost, healthy meals with little equipment to ensure that they make the most out of University. 

There will be a mixture of adult cookery courses that take on a specific theme such as a bread or Italian cookery course.

For more information  please email george@gilcombefarm.co.uk or ring the shop on 01749 813710.

Hope to see you soon.

Francesca Portch



1st August 2017 - Childrens activity day on the farm with a mixture of cooking. £30 per day 9.30 am - 3.30pm. Ages 8 -13. For more information email george@gilcombefarm.co.uk